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Out of Space Review

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Out of this world fun! Also, Out of Space (as the title implies). Have you ever wanted to live with your favorite friends... in outer space? Well, this is the perfect game for proving to your friends that you’re not as sloppy as it seems and you know how to kick some alien butt. In order to achieve a great space-living life, you must work together and complete tasks to perfect the perfect home.  


It’s true that this is one of the best couch fun games that has been released in the last year, but it’s not as simple as couch fun. You need to also strategize with your co-oppers in order to complete matches. It’s best that one player keeps completing the task that is assigned to them, while the other players also complete their assigned tasks. It’s not the game that assigns different tasks to different players. You and your co-oppers need to figure out who is doing what on your own.


So what do you do in this new humble life in outer space? There’s the simplicity of generating resources, which are then used to grow pumpkins, or sweep up space goop. There was a large use of water, which made me wonder where all this water was coming from. You get to upgrade your living space (including and up to a golden microwave, which is NOT easy to get) and make the place more your own. Then, of course, there’s the alien infestation (which had to appear at some point). I have to say, recycling alien fluids must have been my favorite part (who says I can’t use a mop?!). As the game progresses, so do the challenges and your little team really needs to have open communication, otherwise, the alien goop will kill you. I died several times before figuring this out.


Now you know that this is, what I’m calling, a co-strategy game. A game in which you need to strategize with your co-op players, otherwise you are going to fail. This is an honest space, and honestly, I can tell you that I failed the tutorial more than once. There is so much to do and you have to make sure you harm the alien into submission, and clean the floors, and get the water, and... so on. The list is endless (or so it seems). Once you complete the tutorial you get to move on to actual matches. In these matches, you can play by yourself, with a friend, or even just request to be matched with another player. Master several of these matches and you get to move on to bigger and better ( and harder) matches. Doing this all by yourself is hard, so I would recommend that you take the co-op offer. Without co-op, this game would be a hot mess. 


More than several people who read this article are HUGE gamers! That is the core demo after all. Which means they have a controller. This game says it’s controller friendly, but, for the life of me, I could not get my controller to work better than the actual keyboard. Is it annoying that it’s easier by keyboard? Yes, it is! But, being able to play like it’s a text-based game from the ’80s can also be very fun. Other than the controller issue, I found the game enjoyable (once I was able to pull myself together and get past the tutorial). Behold Studios did an exceptional job at making a difficult, yet entertaining game. 


The Verdict: Great

Give this game a shot. Don’t get frustrated if the keyboard has you turned around at first. You will get the hang of it and it will become much more fun. We need more co-strategy games in our lives. It’s the age-old saying: it’s better to play in a group than play with yourself. If you’re a player who cannot stand sharing the game with others (because it does get busy in the tiny space apartment), you can still play at your own pace and by yourself. Nothing wrong with a little “me” time. And, if we ever have apartments in outer space, this game taught me not to get my own private place. It’s better to have roommates.

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