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Mushroom Wars 2 Rules and Regulations

Due to the large number of participants we have updated our rules and regulations. A single match in the early round will determine the 32 finalists. Finals are Best out of 3.


When is this event?
The Mushroom Wars 2 championship is a 5-hour long competition casted live on Twitch, to be held on Sunday, May 27, 2018, at 5PM Central European Summer Time (CEST). Click here to calculate your own local time.

How can I participate?
The Mushroom Wars 2 Championship is free and open to all ranked players with a 70% win rate in ranked matches or less. If you qualify, register first. Then check your email. If you didn't receive your email confirmation check your spam folder.

How will I know when to play my first round?
The time of your first match will be emailed to you shortly after registration.

How will I compete in-game?
Be online before your scheduled match. You will receive an invitation in-game within a 15 minute window.

What if I make it to Finals?
Real-Time Schedules during live events are made available on this website and on the Discord Schedule Channel, under the Discord E4i Category.

Get Social. Join Discord.

Where do I watch and play?
Join festivities on Discord and watch it live on Twitch.

All registered players can join the ARENA Channel in the E4i Category on Discord.

At what time will the event begin on Twitch and Discord?

- U.S. West Cost: 8AM PST

- U.S. East Coast: 11AM EST

- Europe: 5PM CET

- China: 11PM CST

Requirements and Format

Updates must be installed before the event starts, so that delays will be at a minimum.

All players must install the newest version of the game in order to participate in E4i events.

Updates must be installed before the event starts, so that delays will be at a minimum.

Event registration closes on Friday, May 25, 2018, at 11AM CEST.


- 1v1 Conquest, King of the Hill and Domination modes are accepted [SE]
- Early rounds: Best of 1 (BO1)
- Quarter-finals, semi-finals, third place and final: Best of 3 (BO3)
- All heroes allowed
- D2, D9, D28, D36, D48 maps are banned
- Every match starts with D8 map and should be played on Domination mode.

Matches are best out of one in single player mode. Single elimination. After the early round, points are tallied and the 32 top players move on to event finals.

The winner of a match is the player who eliminates all of the other player’s units and buildings, the 32 finalists are the players fastest to beat their opponent during early rounds.

Single elimination brackets. Quarter-finals winners move on to the semi-finals. Semi-final losers compete for third place. Semi-final winners move on to finals and compete for first place.


Brackets are finalized after the Early Rounds and your Real-Time Schedule during the live event will be made availble on this website and on the Discord Schedule Channel, under the Discord E4i Category.

Participants must satisfy the minimum hardware and networking requirements as specified by the development studio. Intermittent connectivity issues are acceptable as tolerated by the event organizers.

Matches will be hosted by in-game nickname "eSportsforindie" or in-game nickname "eSportsforindie1"

Private matches go online within the 15 minute window specified in players’ schedules; players are required to join the match at their earliest convenience and no later than 3 minutes past match invite.


- E4i Staff is responsible for the organization and proper conduct of the event.

- The community director (CD), who is determined by E4i staff in the preparatory stages of the championship event or season, shall always cast the deciding vote in cases of a disagreement, or in the case of an E4i congress when its members come to a tie in votes.

- Rules may be amended before the first match of the event. Registered players to be be notified in Discord and by email.

- CDs have the right to decide outside or even against the rulebook in special cases to guarantee fair play.


- Failure to be ready to play at match time may be considered a forfeit.

- The match may be postponed for no more than 3 additional minutes during early rounds to allow for late player(s) to join or to resolve technical difficulties. Past the 3 minutes grace periods in Early Rounds, participants in the Discord Arena will be invited to fill the empty spot and substitute the missing player(s).


- Available prizes will be announced shortly.

- No cash or other substitution may be made.

- Winners are responsible for taxes or fees associated with receipt or use of a prize.

The Overpowered Noobs, LLC is not responsible for faulty game keys provided by third-party suppliers. In the event a game key is unredeemable, The Overpowered Noobs, LLC may replace said game key with another key for the same title if in stock, or with a key for another title of equal market value.

Want to play more? Join the Bench!

E4i registration forms allow players to join the E4i Bench. In other words, state your willingness to hang out on Discord during the event and if needed, volunteer for missing players. Win or lose, you'll win a free game every time you sub in!

Bench Details

- Step 1: Reply "YES" to join the bench while registering.
- Step 2: Stay online on Discord during the event and be ready to play: E4i staff may send you a private message at any time!

Failure to join Discord 24 hours prior to the event automatically removes you from the Bench list for this specific event.

Code of Conduct

Unsportsmanlike conduct towards other players, community members, or officials may result in warnings, suspensions, score penalties, or temporary or permanent disqualification. Please be civil.

A no-show at consecutive events is a one-cycle ban from E4I events.

Cheating shall result in lifetime disqualification from E4I events.

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