Alongside our dev talks, news coverage and editorial pieces are our reviews, the products of lists curated by evaluating a game's apparent qualities. We consider all PC releases every week with no exception, we do not care for a title's impact on site traffic. We take pride in that our selection process is immune to any business need: Our focus is to support creative studios and individuals, never favoring lucrative enterprises over emerging ones. Our curated lists take the 100+ games released on Steam every week, and bring that number down to what we feel are the most deserving 10 to 20. Published is the result of such a process, and we hope you enjoy reading our content as much as we enjoy writing it.


We believe that in Arts and Entertainment, journalism should reward imagination and frown at recipes. It seems to us that press distributes 9s and even 10s with little retention. Sensationalism sells. In our humble capacity, we want to feel IMPACT when a title gets a high score; we keep ours for the (very) rare gems that transform the industry. A 9 with The Overpowered Noobs might happen once a year (if even that) and means a game innovates and pushes a genre forward, and a 10, well, is a revolution whole. Consequently, an 8 means an excellent execution in light of today's industry standards. 7 is great, 6 is good, and 5 is naturally average. 4 is quite flawed while 3 is plain bad. 2 stands for bad and buggy. 1 for hardly playable. 0 is unplayable.


ESports 4Indie (E4i) caters to indie game studios, hosting and entertaining live tournaments on Twitch and Discord and thereby providing players with a competitive environment as expected with professional eSports.


Shady is advertising for third parties or sponsoring articles with questionable links, and you'll find neither on our site. We support the community by building innovative services such as ESports 4Indie. Hosting and entertaining competitions we argue makes for a superior alternative to advertising, as it keeps us independent while supporting studios and their communities. Regardless, every now and then we're pressed to justify intertwining our journalistic endeavors with our eSports services. The answer is simple: we don't. Departments run in parallel, independently of each other.


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