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Why Story Progressive Games are Better

Why Story Progressive Games are Better

With a game that has pre-made characters with little to no progression...

Is Overwatch Worth Your Money?

Is Overwatch Worth Your Money?

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Cross-platform between Windows 10 and Xbone: Friend or Foe to PC Gamers?

Cross-platform between Windows 10 and Xbone: Friend or Foe to PC Gamers?

After watching the Microsoft E3 press conference, I’m more impressed t...

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Bridging the Gap between Gamers & Indie Devs, Worldwide

The Independent Gaming Development scene has grown to be the gaming industry's most dynamic market to date. Thanks to the explosion of interest; availability of software; talented artists and coders; and the rapidly-increasing availability of broadband Internet, creators across the world are coming together to make their dreams into digital realities.

On an hourly basis, talented artists release their labors of love to the gaming public – whether as a full, finished product or in an Early Access playable-demo state – on platforms such as Steam, GOG, Desura, the Humble Store, part of a Humble Bundle, or straight through their own websites. It has never been a better time to be an indie game developer, breaking into a tough industry, and often, from an office as basic as a basement or a dorm room.

Within its realm, a good idea with careful execution can establish a young developer; beyond it, it often serves larger companies in their efforts to shape future projects, based on how gamers react to innovative mechanics and designs.

Sadly, many developers in those basements and dorms around the globe don't make it to our trusty distribution channels. Language barriers, information gaps, and marketing limitations prevent smaller teams without budgets to share their creations with our parts of the world. Instead, our experience and understanding of game development abroad is limited to what bigger productions choose to export.

We think this gap needs to be bridged. Enter Indie without Borders.

Since the launch of our Twitch channel in 2014, we have interviewed and established relationships with hundreds of young developers, and in the process, we've grown convinced that these creative minds are an essential group to keep the industry creatively resourceful.

With innovation in mind, the IWB Division at OPNoobs works with developers across the globe to publish their games in markets otherwise inaccessible. We are committed to each indie team and deliver them an all-encompassing service, unleashing our expertise toward each requisite integral to publishing their indie title online. From translating games and establishing their communication tools to running crowdfunding and Steam Greenlight campaigns, Indie Without Borders brings it all together through our dedication and passion for gaming.

For further information about Indie without Borders, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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